Friday, October 22, 2010

Holly Berry christmas illustration

Holly Berry Branch Oil on wood 8" x 10" N/A
Click image to see bigger.
A little while back I wanted to paint Christmas holly for a project.  I shopped several places for plastic holly thinking I'd fake it...  Well, the only stuff I could find was so cheesy, I knew there would be no faking it so I gave up.  Fast forward to yesterday, we're at my Mother in Law's house and she had the most perfect holly bush right in the front yard!  Who knew they grew in Ohio?!  Truth be told, I didn't know if holly grew on bushes or trees or what.  So, happy, happy, joy.  I snipped a few branches and voila!  Maybe I'll use this painting on Christmas cards this year. 

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  1. This is beautiful, Diane. I am studying how you painted those leaves. It's the touches of light along the edges that make them look so right! I've got so much to learn.

  2. This image is so just pops! Great job.

  3. Beautiful . . . you're right, it would make a lovely card!


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