Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homegrown daisy, pears, grapes, painting

Homegrown   Oil on wood   8" x 8"  N/A
A blog reader recently emailed me to suggest I find some wildflowers outside--after I had complained about slim pickin's at Trader Joe's.  Um yeah, Cleveland doesn't exactly offer an abundance of wildflowers?   Her suggestion, however, piqued my interest and I found myself venturing into the backyard.  ...where I promptly found a patch of yellow daisies behind the garage...  Doh!  Sorry for the snarkiness and thank you for the suggestion, dear reader.  (You know who you are.)


  1. Nice autumny colors, you talented artist, you! Flowers in Cleveland, who woulda thought?

    (Thanks for the nice comment, too!)

  2. What a lovely and harmonious painting you created from the plain "foundling" daisies, Diane! The color scheme is a winner!


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