Friday, July 9, 2010

Tremont Art Walk

Longtime readers of this blog know that a few years ago, I took a break from all things art. During that time I sold antique lighting and hardware on Ebay (over 2500 positive transactions/feedbacks, woohoo!) One of my favorite suppliers was the Cleveland Auction Company. Well, about a year ago they opened an arts & antiques shop right in the middle of Tremont. My husband and I live in Tremont and this was a great perk for the neighborhood! ...not to mention yet another fun destination for the monthly art walk! There is a point to this story: They've been kind enough to grant me permission to hustle my wares (um yeah, paintings) there TONIGHT! Yes! Tonight is the Tremont Art Walk! Come on over and browse my latest small paintings under a luxurious 10x10 canopy. Assuming it doesn't rain, in which case a smaller selection will be available inside the shop.
Be sure to visit the Eye Candy Gallery too!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Good luck selling your beautiful paintings!

    Tomorrow we are going to Boerne Second Saturday. Boerne is a small town north of San Antonio that is gaining a reputation as an artist's town. There will be wine tasting and gallery tours from 4 to 8.

  2. Sounds fun, have a great night.

  3. I was there last night and missed seeing you. I wish I had looked at your post before we left. (Drove in from PA). I have a few paintings at a gallery in Tremont and wanted to see how busy the gallery walk was. It was fabulous... got to see lots of old friends and new people. Will you be there for the Taste of Tremont?

  4. Hi, me again.
    I see that you approve before posting so I feel ok to write back. I hate to advertise when I am commenting. So you don't have to post this. Just a friendly fyi... My paintings are in the eye candy gallery... I do Baba and people paintings in watercolor. Great place. I have showed in Pittsburgh and this is my first in Cleveland. I am hoping to make it back for taste of tremont. I just loved the activity there last night.

  5. Hi Maria! Sorry we missed each other! Aren't Bob & Rita at Eye Candy--the BEST?! I love them. I'm hoping to be there for Taste of Tremont... Yes, the art walks are VERY well attended!!

  6. Thanks Barbara!! Hey Virginia, gotta love local art events, really shows what a community values. Have a blast at the Boerne Second Saturday!!


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