Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tremont Art Walk Pictures

A few pictures from the Tremont Art Walk yesterday... WKCY Channel 3 Cleveland was there to gauge community spirit after a non fatal shooting/robbery attempt (just outside) the area at last month's event. The victim was internationally known neon artist Jeff Chiplis who lives in Tremont.
WKCY interviewed my Husband for the story and he commented about how important it is for people to not "back down" and get out to attend events like the art walk. This morning I happened to turn on the television immediately upon awaking and there was my hot husband!! ...and ok, since this blog IS about me: My banner was in the background of the shot and there was also video of me trying to figure out where to hang paintings. (: So, I was kinda pyched about that.
I haven't done too many outdoor events... In the past I know I've had the tendency to crowd too much art in to too little space. I tried not to do it last night. Also, note to self: The sun does a little thing after 9pm, it goes away!! Bring spot lights! Anyway, live and learn. It was super worthwhile event and I hope to do it again soon!


  1. Diane, the pic of you & your sign is so cute & perky!
    Please use it as your banner for your blog, or your profile pic!

  2. This looks great, Diane... SO inviting and professional.

    Maybe someday I can get to your neighborhood and see your work in person. I do love your art!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful , beautiful! You and your paintings.
    I love every one.

  4. Great exposure!!! Good for you... I'm glad it was so worthwhile for you as I am sure it was a tremendous amount of work!!
    Way to go!


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