Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding Dance illustration painting

Wedding Dance Oil on canvas panel 7.5" x 10" NFS
I tried to make this one work without the graphic outlines. But this style painting is so much better with them. Next time around, will use the burnt umber/sienna outlines to enhance all.


  1. It's prolly just me, but I like them better without the outlines. I understand; it's just not what you're after, though.

  2. I like this wedding series! Looking forward to seeing more.

    Like DJ said, I know it is not what you are striving for, but I do like this painting without the outlines. Just a thought. :-)

  3. Actually, with outlines it would be clearer. My first impression was: "hey, a couple in a tent - what are they doing?" Because the folds of the veil suggested tent supports to me...
    The wedding drink picture really struck me - fine fine fine.

    Henriet from Holland

  4. I like it better without the outlines, too. A more fluid, softer, more emotional feel versus something static. That being said...either are certainly better than I could ever do!

    I'm looking forward to more. ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the comments, Folks. I know these are a departure from what I normally do. Henriet: Especially thanks for the tent comment. I may change the hem on the veil now!! Might be better scooped in back... Thanks!

  6. This is wonderful, I especially like the veil. You did a wonderful job on that. And the graphic feeling of the black and against the white. It is nice and "soft" without the outlines, but you are going for something specific so maybe you want to keep the outlines. Can't wait to see the next one,


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