Saturday, June 5, 2010

Buzzkill weather: "hail, damaging winds?!"

Well the car is packed and my dear husband agreed to spend today at the Kent Art & Wine Festival with me... I spent most of the week gathering paintings, making labels, signage and notecards. All we had to do this morning was drive down there. The weather forecast called for rain which I was willing to brave. Then they said there was a good chance of damaging winds and hail. What??!! In June??!! I don't have anchors for the corners of my tent, heh, it's likely to blow away with a strong wind. So, I cancelled. My apologies to anyone who was planning on visiting. Ahhh, such is life.
Update: Apparently the whole festival was cancelled this afternoon due to "tornado" like conditions.


  1. With that kind of weather cancellation is good!! Hope it can be re-scheduled at some point.

  2. Hi Diane, I'm so sorry you didn't get to do the festival. But I'm glad you made the decision not to go instead of making the drive AND then finding out it was cancelled once you go there. Will they reschedule it?

  3. I hope they will reschedule. I keep telling myself I'll be better prepared next time an opportunity like this comes around. (Right?) Meanwhile I won't lie, it was a big huge bummer!!! (:

  4. So sorry to hear it; disappointments like that ARE a HUGE BUMMER...
    especially when you're prepared as well as you were.
    If you had not been, there would have been great weather, massive crowds, but lacking labels, cards, etc.
    They should reschedule...hoping for you~

  5. Diane, the hail and damaging winds could have cost you dearly, I am sure your clients will understand! I've been checking into a tougher tent but the prices are so high!

  6. Hi Diane,
    I've been doing artfairs for 25+ years. These storms come up sometimes with only minutes of warning. I've been totally destroyed only once, but it was a "total" I've had damage from wind and hail, and most of the time the booth, atleast the canopy had to be replaced. It's the body, the person, that can't be.
    So, I wanted you to know, you made a very wise decision. The booth can be replaced, but you and your work...that's a different story.
    In July, I'm scheduled to do Madison, WI, Ann Arbor, and Boston Mills artfairs. I'm starting to get concerned because the weather this year has been so violent. I'll listen to your good judgement. If it looks bad, I'll stay home.

  7. Wow! Diane, I heard about the devastation of that storm in Ohio this morning. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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