Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tax Day Floral white floral still life

Tax Day Floral Oil on Board 10" x 8" SOLD
Click image to see bigger.
Rhonda Fleming Hayes of The Garden Buzz did a nice write up about my paintings on her blog. Rhonda resides in Minnesota and has been an Extension Master Gardener for 10 years. Her entertaining blog covers topics ranging from maple syrup & butterflies to garden trends and travel. Check it out, here.


  1. Diane, I love these narcissus paintings, they are one of my favorite flowers. They are all beautiful but I especially like the one laying on the table. And that blue vase is so rich, where did you get it? Was it an estate sale or auction find?

  2. Thank you, Joan! The blue vase is not an antique. But it was picked up at an antique flea market (typical, right?!)

  3. Beautiful Diane, the calm set up around the striking blue vase is really lovely!

  4. I love your paintings, not static, lots of character. I grew up in Akron, Ohio where my family still lives. I am in Utah though and have been since the 70's!

  5. yesterday in my workshop I tried to paint flowers. Let me tell you, they are NOT EASY. Yours are always gorgeous.


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