Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before and After Alstromerias floral still life

Blue Noel 8" x 10" Oil on Board $245.
Click image to see bigger.
I evened out the reds on these alstromerias and popped out the bud a bit by brightening the highlite there. The original photo was shot when the painting was still very wet... This new photo shows less glare and is more accurate. I originally blogged about the painting, here.


  1. funny how little things make such a difference. Thank you for sharing your process! I've left a Sunshine Award for you on my blog, it will be there on Friday!

  2. Amazing how a little tweaking really brings the painting to another level. Amazing ability to identify a painting could use tweaking. I would have been very proud of myself if I was able to paint anything near your "before" image.

  3. Beautiful design...beautiful the flower, well done!


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