Friday, November 13, 2009

Geranium Painting

Geraniums 8"x 8" Oil on Board
The geraniums on our front porch are nothing short of glorious. Hard to believe they endure so much cold?! It's gotten down to the 40's and they keep blooming. I'm pretty sure they need to be clipped all the way back and stored inside for the winter, I should probably do that.


  1. Wow Diane, I don't know why I haven't visited before! Your paintings are beautiful.

  2. I wonder if the porch is providing just the right shelter from cold.

    I'm enjoying the brush work on this one - I especially like the flower near the center that's part in shadow and part catching the light - it tells a story.

  3. Diane, this is very calm and peaceful, it makes me relaxed just to look at this beautiful painting. I love the little pops of yellow in the flower and how you handled all those petals. Wonderful!!!

  4. Diane, I LOVE that vase! I have one just like it and it is sooooo much fun to paint! You have done an excellent job.


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