Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gerber Daisy Oil Painting

Daisy Designs 16"x 20" Oil on Canvas NFS
Click image to see bigger.
As I attempt to add more complexity to my paintings, things like composition, lighting, patterns, color and value become springboards for so many possibilities. I wanted to further explore a yellow & gray color combo here, but I also wanted to paint white gerber daisies. I picked up a couple yards of upholstery fabric (on the table top) over the weekend, it has a wonderful subtle swirly pattern. While I did manage to work in the yellow/gray colors and the white Gerber daisies-- the swirly pattern didn't quite make the final painting. Maybe next time.


  1. This has such a modern vibe, it's like the flowers are having a conversation amongst each other. The happy couple and the poor single person. 3 makes a wonderful composition, naturally, but being the 3rd wheel sucks, and Miss Wheely looks kinda depressed about it. The verve of the green really perks up the whole painting! Lovey, lovey, love this one!

  2. Hi,
    I love your flower paintings. They have amazing detail. Truly beautiful!
    I am glad I have found your blog.
    If you have a moment, come and visit me.:)
    I'm a children's book illustrator.
    Best wishes.
    Jo May.

  3. I absolutely love this painting. So simple and clean.


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