Monday, October 5, 2009

Fluted Yellows Naturtium Flower Oil Painting

Oil on paper, 22x22, sold
Trying again for that elusive yellow on gray "eye pop" effect. (: Not sure if this is there yet, but I like how it came out anyway.


  1. Wow, they totally look like they are sticking out, green leaves look not on the canvas!! That is amazing.

  2. Diane, I opened this up and said WOW!!!! so I definitely think you've go the "eye pop" effect! This one jumps off my computer screen, gorgeous!!!

  3. I love it too.... I think it would go so well in so many decors also. You're so magical with your blooms. [ hearts popping out of my eyes and darting toward your head]

  4. Gorgeous painting; I think your work is looking great!

  5. I too paint pictures of flowers and have wanted to try the combination of the grey and orangey yellow. You have inspired me to give it a try....yours really works.


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