Thursday, October 8, 2009

Carmine Daisy & Daffodil Oil Painting

top: oil on paper, 22x22 reserved
I discovered a new color today: Holbein's "Luminous Red." I needed a pinkish hue with more opacity than magenta, it was perfect. Top painting needed some extra light yellow added to the daffodil at the last moment, thus you see a fresh pce. of palette paper with just those colors... Below that, a detail of Wild Ones a painting I posted earlier in the week. Still showing glare, as it is still drying, doh!


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  2. ooo... new color to try...Luminous Red looks luscious!

    One day I'm going to own a Diane Hoeptner and it has to be a Ranuncula painting. *sigh*

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