Saturday, October 10, 2009

Before & After Flower Painting

It's confusing trying to figure out what to salvage and what gets put on the burn pile. I've had a few pieces returned, unsold. My paintings are getting better and looking at the old work confirms that. After much internal debate and a little sadness, I will watch a few go up in smoke. This one here just needed a little tlc: More highlites and some cool browns to tamp out the neon looking undertones. Painting is oil on paper and measures 22x22.


  1. Thanks for the comment Diane! I am glad you like my work and also glad to have seen your work too, beautiful paintings your doing! I love this blogger networking, you just get to really discover great artists!! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Diane,
    what a great post, I need to make a little burn pile myself. So hard to do though! I like what you did to the painting, somehow there is a nice airiness behind the vase now and that breathes more life into the painting.

  3. Diane, I love your new photo in front of your painting! That to-die-for auburn hair! ;o) Your Carmine Daisy & Daffodil painting makes me so happy to look at! Yellow and red is one of my fave color combos! ;o)

  4. My heart skipped a beat when I read "burn pile". All of your work is so beautiful that I can't let myself think about that! This one you've shown looks like an entirely new, happier version. Can you hear it pleading for it's sister paintings... "Please don't burn me!"?

  5. I want to have a burn fest in my mother's backyard, but it's gotten really cold here.


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