Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alstromerias Painting Flowers and Knowing Names

As flowers go, some are fussy some are not. Sunflowers are a joy to paint and to behold. This flower here? Yeah, not so much. While I've painted it a few times, I always labeled it under "other." (My paintings are searchable by flower, see menu on right.) Anyway, I just figured out, it's called an Alstromerias. Trader Joe's had a bucket of them!
It's not my favorite flower to paint, but one of my favorite paintings does feature pink Alstromerias, see it in my Ebay Store, here. nodp


  1. Yes, that is one of my favorite paintings too.

    Hmmm, but judging by this photo, are we to expect a few more paintings with the challenging alstromeria?

  2. Hello Ms Sheila. No! Unless they are part of a larger bouquet or a commission. (:

  3. Well, this flower looks so real. I just wonder what is the real name of that flower. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting.



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