Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nasturtium Painting (flower floral still life painting)

Oil on paper, 22x22, reserved
I went over to my dear Mother's house Saturday and we picked these lovely nasturtiums, from her garden. Really bad picture, will re-photograph when the painting is safer to handle!


  1. Beautiful painting! I love nasturtiums- did you know you can make "capers" from the buds? I never got the chance to try it, but I love love love capers!

  2. Lovely! You shadowing is always so fantasic. I always enjoy looking at your flowers.

  3.'s beautiful! I love this flower and your painting is exquisite!

  4. Dear Diane,

    this painting caught my eye and so I had the pleasure to discover your blog and the other works.

    They are absolutely lovely - congratulations!

    Best regards

    Corinne Korda

  5. Sara: Capers? Really? Like the capers one puts on salmon?? Thanks all, more nastutiums to come for sure.

  6. This series of nasturtiums is awesome!

  7. Your blog expresses utter beauty and elegance! I love your paintings and I admit - stopping by your blog is a delight!


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