Thursday, September 3, 2009

Four of a Kind Daffodil Painting

Four of a Kind 8"x 8" Oil on MDF Board N/A


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  3. How pretty!! I love the opening buds, you captured them perfectly.

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  5. I love it! You always have so much detail. I love the shadows on the wall, it gives the whole image such depth!

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  6. i've just taken up oil painting as a new hobby and i adore your paintings very much, especially your tulips, daisies and petal the dog. Your style of painting is an inspiration for me. thank you for sharing your work.

  7. When you begin a painting, do you start with a tinted background? And if so, are the colors of the first layer dependent on the predominate theme color, such as the rich yellow of the daffodils against the subdued blues and grays?

    Also, I noticed you also paint oils on paper. May I ask what type of paper are you using? Weight, texture?

    Your artwork is stunning (I've even dreamed about them), and such an inspiration for me to paint everyday now, rain or shine. :)

    I truly enjoy viewing your work.


  8. the soft yellows against the dark background are wonderful. As always, beautiful brushwork.


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