Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rebel Sunflower Painting

Rebel 8" x 8" $175
Click image to see bigger
Sometimes being in a hurry crystalizes your intentions and a painting turns out great! This here is not one of those times, heh. (: May re-work it, definitely will re-photograph it, it's not quite as lackluster in life... I'm taking the cats to the vet today. ...and I'm half worried Coco will keel over merely from the stress of leaving the house. We'll see!


  1. I think this looks great! I just love all of your flower paintings anyway but I know how the feeling is when you don't think something is quite right on your own work.

  2. I love this sunflower, Diane! Nice work.

  3. I think it looks great! love the touches of blue/green in the vase.


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