Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pat Washington Interviews Diane Hoeptner

Yes, this picture is a little hokey and I'm ok with that. My friend Pat took it. I've known Pat since we were silly young adults attending Kent State University. Pat was an English Lit/Journalism major and I was trying to do the sensible thing and major in education. ...good times. I wouldh've posted a picture of us from 1984, but I couldn't find my daggone photo album.
Pat recently interviewed me for her blog. She asked some interesting questions and she took great pictures. Why don't you go visit her blog and read the interview! Oh, and please leave a comment for her so she knows you were there.


  1. Great Article Diane!

  2. Speaking of pizza, do you remember the gyros we used to get from the man on the street after leaving Rays? Mmmmm. But we walked all that off hiking all over campus day after day, and dancing up a storm on weekends. (Now more than one glass of wine has me nodding on the couch.)

    It was such a pleasure interviewing you! And I'll look tonight to see if I can find any photos of us way back then.

    Your readers are encouraged to give me ideas for more interviews.

    And many thanks to you, my friend, for dogging me to start the blog to begin with.

  3. I really enjoyed reading Pat's interview and learning more about you and your journey. Some of her questions and your answers are very helpful to me...keeping me inspired to just with it...marketing, blogging, twitter, facebook, and my work. Thanks Diane!

  4. Thanks, Sistah. Pat: Oh my YES I remember those gyros, they were so good!! Kathleen, big thanks. I love your glass creations.


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