Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Arrangement No. 9

Arrangement No. 9 8" x 8" Oil on Board $195


  1. Dang girl....I LOVE your style! So much depth and light with a wonderful impressionistic look. *sigh* [looking at you with puppy dog eyes]

    What kind of paper do you paint on? I've never seen/done this before.

  2. These are the colors of a Cleveland sunset against a dark, moody sky of storm clouds rolling in from Lake Erie. I never tire of seeing that drama over the lake and look -- here it is in this composition. You've even put the blue at the bottom.

    And when you say every so often that your photographs on your blog don't do a painting justice, you're not kidding!! Thanks for inviting me for an exclusive viewing yesterday. I wish I could buy up at least half of your inventory.

  3. Nice work..nice post..great painting.Always fun to visit here!
    thanks for sharing...
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