Thursday, July 23, 2009

5700 Broadway NHS Cleveland Art Exhibit

It's SO satisfying to see my art hanging in public, I never get over that thrill. This is the 5700 Gallery located in the Neighborhood Housing Services of Slavic Village/Cleveland, OH. Bridget Ginley, Cleveland Curator/Artist/WRUW Case Western Reserve University DJ (all around cool chick) discovered my art through Twitter and asked me to put together a show. These paintings were made around 2005, so they are a combination of watercolor and color pencil. I still LOVE my "Children at Play" series and if I wasn't enjoying painting flowers so much, I'd paint children again.


  1. You could borrow mine again, if you like. Although you may have to call it a different series, like, "Siblings That Fight." (Heh heh... we are in the middle of summer, you know...and the thrill of it has worn off a bit.)

    What a great collection. I'm happy for you! How long will they be displayed there?

  2. Thanks Mike! Hey Ms Pat, yeah, the portrait I did of your kids would have worked beautifully with this show. You funnnnnnny. It will be up through the end of Septemeber! Woohoo!

  3. If you would like to borrow the painting you did of them for any show, I could (*sob*) take it off my wall for you.... It is truely one of the best gifts I've ever gotten and would love to share it with the public.

  4. Thats great to have a wall like this..really awesome collections...

    Are you scared to be alone at home need security


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