Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tequila Magnolias and Trader Joe's

Tequila Magnolias 12"x 12" Oil on Hardboard
Click image to see bigger.
Magnolias again, I wanted to simplify the original design a bit, you can see that below. I may have gotten a little fatigued and muddied some of the colors by accident. I still like it very much and will let it go for now. I've acquired fresh sunflowers, yes they are in the house and I can't WAIT to paint them!
On a side note: I just love Trader Joe's, Trader Joe's always has the BEST flowers for the LOWEST price. They also have frozen chopped green & red peppers which I will be sauteeing with some chicken for dinner tonight! Woohoo!
Update: I repainted the "sky" on this and it is now a muted blue violet, so much better than what this shows, must photograph it! If you are interested in seeing an updated photo, do email me!!


  1. Sweet! You have really made changes in your work over the past year!

  2. Love the abstract patterns you have achieved here Diane and the soft neutral colours.


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