Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wild Irises 12"x 12" Oil on Canvas Panel N/A
Click image to see bigger.
The 10 irises that I purchased at Trader Joes day before yesterday are wilted and sad looking today. Fortunately, I snapped some good reference photos while they were in full glory-mode. More iris paintings to come soon. ...on a side note, the photo of today's efforts is less than stellar and I will take another whenever the painting dries. ...and yes, it's raining again in Cleveland, OH.


  1. You've been busy busy. I appreciate you showing me how you tweak things so they are just a little better. You're commitment to quality is inspirational.

  2. These are gorgeous, I am amazed at how you can make some of the petals look like they're coming at the viewer (especially on the lower right), it makes me feel like I can reach in and touch these flowers. And the colors are beautiful as always.
    p.s. we could use a little rain here in Houston. :)

  3. Hi Diane,
    I just love Irises and these are wonderful. Great use of color, the background really sets off the color of the irises.

  4. I love the colors Diane! Great piece!
    I feel for you with the rain! I'm in Dublin.... a suburb of Columbus! I lived in Vancouver as a child a I think we get more rain here that we did there!

  5. beautiful iris Diane
    p.s. > I 'love 'dreary rainy days

  6. I would imagine that these would be very difficult to paint with all their twists and turns. Beautifully done!


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