Friday, May 15, 2009

This Week's Ebay Offering Pinocchio Portrait

This week's Ebay offering: One of my older Pinocchio portraits. Painting measures 6x6 and is painted on canvas panel. Bidding starts at $65 with no reserve, auction ends Sunday night.
I will paint more irises next, at least that's the plan! Also, I'm gonna do some minor tweaking with the untitled flowers below, will post pictures as things get done! Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Well here is a surprise! He's wonderful. Do you miss painting antique toys?

  2. I just love this Diane! Very wonderful!!

  3. Thanks Joan! Yes and no!! Yes, I do miss painting antique toys because I'm nostalgic and I miss the cartoonish, instantly recognizable and sculptural qualities of the toys I painted. Mostly I don't though, because I feel like I've only skimmed the surface of ways to paint/present flowers...and I'm REALLY into that right now.

  4. This painting has such character. Makes me want to go thru my old dolls and toys and just look. You captured this little guy's spirit!!!


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