Monday, May 25, 2009

Square Deal Philadelphia Show Announcement

Click to see bigger. Cafe Estelle in Philadelphia will be showing a selection of my paintings in a group show to benefit Women's Way. The show is organized by A Square Deal. I'm happy to see they used three of my floral still lifes for the postcard-- Also featured, abstract paintings by Tamar Zinn. nodp


  1. wow Diane that's wonderful !
    the post card looks so good !

  2. Congratulations on the new show Diane - and how great that you got on the postcard too! I love the look of your new studio, so full of light and so peaceful it looks.

  3. Hey Diane,

    Thanks so much for posting our postcard announcement for the show. I need to point our it's Tamar Zinn, not Tara Zinn.

    Thanks & love everything you're doing, gorgeous!

  4. DOH! Colleen, I will change that immediately. So sorry, not sure just how I screwed that one up.


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