Friday, April 10, 2009

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance 8"x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel $175.
Click image to see bigger.


  1. I'm loving the white flowers Diane!!Your handling the subtle color and shadows nicely!..=]

  2. I LOVE the colors in this painting. So soothing and beautiful. Really nicely done.

  3. OMG Renuculas are one of my favorite flowers. Their paper thin petals, their curvey stems with unique leaves.... I am very intimidated in even trying to start to paint these blooms.

    These are beautiful and your use of broken color is masterful Diane!

    I bow in the presence of greatness.

    [backing slowly out of the comment box while still bowing....]

  4. Wow, another amazing painting! I love the subtlety of the different brown/beiges against the white of the flowers. Such wonderful harmonious colors. And a great name for the painting too!

  5. Sheila, thanks VERY much for naming this flower!! I didn't know what it was called, must write it down. On a side note: You is crazy, but you make me laugh. (:
    Everybody else: Thank you!!!!


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