Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few Changes

Iris Melody on Cream 8"x 8" Oil on MDF Board $175.
Click image to see bigger.
A few changes: My new "default" daily painting size is going from 6x6 to 8x8. It's more fun to paint bigger and 8x8 is a standard frame size. ...which is handy when presentation comes into play. Furthermore, I'm switching out the Dick Blick canvas panels for hand cut and gesso'd MDF board. I LOVE the smooth painting surface of this board. Lastly (is that a word?) some paintings will feature colors that coordinate or match well known interior paint brands. This feature is experimental in nature and it will last as long as I find it interesting.
Will start with a Cleveland based paint company: Glidden Natural & Comforting Wild Honey 30YY 57/258 (background+,) Glidden Relaxed & Cozy Nostalgic 70RB 11/196 (purples+)


  1. I like this one a lot! I am all for drama and love the contrast all those darks bring. Using interior paint colors is an interesting idea too.

  2. I think you'll like the board Diane, in preference to canvas. Also working on 8 x 8. I really like that size. When I work smaller it always causes me problems. This one is so nice, more abstract and free!

  3. lastly, is a word ;)
    Some painters swear their never going to prime another board but something about my New England raising, makes me!
    I also use, Pintaura, RayMar and Ampersand Gessoboards, but I like masonite and have it cut at Home Depot.


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