Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daffy & Bud plus obscure rambling

Daffy & Bud 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel $95.
Click image to see bigger.
You know how some days, the only thing you are good for is busy work? Like taking the newspapers out to the recycle bin, sweeping the kitchen floor and maybe re-arranging a few things and/or making a to-do list for future reference? I had a couple of those days... The good thing about busy work is coming back to what you should have been doing and realizing you can still do it.


  1. Love your artwork! It's stunning. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Busy work is a chore. lol
    Love the Daffodils. Always a harbinger of Spring!

  3. I love the yellow against the beautiful neutral, Diane. And the glass is perfect - just enough, and not too much. Oh, and Diane, I'm tagging you for a 'Fabulous Blog' award - do with it what you will (!), but it will hopefully send some folks your way! You're supposed to check my blog to see the award, etc.

  4. This is very nice, the soft, neutralized hues.


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