Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tulips on Gray

Tulips on Gray 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas Panel NFS
Click image to see bigger.
It's 40 degrees here in beautiful Cleveland, OH. Most of the snow is melted and the sun is shining. Even Layla the cat ventured outside to sit under a bush and survey the backyard.


  1. Wish I had some of that promising sunshine, sounds nice. I love the grey you have achieved here Diane. The red underpainting helps it to glow but can you remember what you used for the grey itself?

  2. Hi Sheila! The gray is a mix of warm and cools. If I remember, some sienna brown, a little ultramarine and bit of Naples Yellow. The red underpainting was done in spots and it's actually magenta.

  3. Thanks Diane - I'm really interested in the rich variety of grays we can get. Using Naples yellow to lighten the siena/ultra mix is a great idea. Yes, I can see now that is magenta. It works so well.


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