Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trio Tulips Suite of Two Paintings

Trio Tulips I & II each 12" x 12" Oil on Canvas Panel $595.
Be sure to click image to see bigger!
More experimentation here. In other news, my husband and I adopted a pound kitty last night. Her name is Winnie. She is two years old and very sweet, but Coco and Layla are less than thrilled. We're keeping her separate for now.


  1. Another WOW!! from me today. These two are gorgeous too. I like the way they both work together and the shapes in the background.
    I only have one question for you: when do you sleep?

  2. I thought the ones you posted yesterday were my favorites but now that I compare them to today's, I think these are my favorites! I like the pink background and the one pink flower in each.

  3. VERY beautiful, Diane! Excellent job!

  4. I love these Diane
    and I LOVE LOVE the winter tulips

    I hope Winnie is very happy !
    congrats on your new little addition to your family
    [... and I know ... it might take the other two a while to be happy ]
    ha ha good luck !

  5. Lovely work. The two work so well together. And congratulations on your new furry child.


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