Saturday, February 14, 2009

Favorite Things Art Blog Award, Woohoo!

Thank you, Chris Beck for sending love this way! Chris maintains several interesting sites & she is a very talented watercolorist.

This award requires listing 7 favorite things, then passing it on to seven others. So, here goes:
1 the Sunday paper+the Beatles+strong coffee+bed 2 hot husband smiling because of something I said 3 a smooth landing airplane 4 my nephews 5 fresh picked red rasberries 6 a sharp, extra soft Ticonderoga pencil 7 having enough time

I "XO" the following art blogs:

Don Gray Don's paintings of barns and streams are brilliant. Be sure to check out his arty short videos of grazing cows and wind blown horizons. A highly worthwhile blog.
Robin Weiss If it's "difficult," Robin paints it. Winding roads at night, snow falling, snow covered fields and Birch trees, obscure back alleys with crazy puddles: He's been there and painted style!
Lisa Palombo I wrote Lisa gushing fan mail a few years ago, before she had a blog. She paints dynamic & colorful floral still lifes. Take a close look at her brushwork, it's super fresh and bold, LOVE her stuff!
Tracy Helgeson Most artists who read my blog are already familiar with Tracy. She's an artist's artist who shares everything with us: the victories, the sadness and all the minutia that makes an artist's life, we are grateful. Oh, and she paints freakin' awesome too. (:
Carol Marine Carol inspired me by example to start painting again and for that I am eternally grateful. Her still life paintings have a very rare, effortless ease to them. Her loose brushwork is the perfect compliment to her ultra modern color combinations. Carol could paint the phone book and it would look good.
Joan Breckwoldt I'm not objective about Joan because she's become a real friend. I think everything she does is amazing. And she does a lot: portraits, landscapes and lately she's painted some very interesting semi abstract figurative pieces. Joan shares her art making/selling experiences in a very generous & forthcoming manner as well. She's fab.
Aaron Lifferth I used to be indifferent to singer, Tom Waits, then one day I heard one of his songs for the 5th or 6th time and suddenly I couldn't get enough of Tom Waits. I "got it," I loved it and it felt like an awakening... I had a similar experience with the paintings of Aaron Lifferth, it took me a minute but now I can't get enough. nodp


  1. Thanks Diane for the nice kudos!

  2. Thanks a ton Diane , for the very kind comments!! and for sharing your beautiful paintings!!...=]

  3. Diane, thank you so much for those very nice words and the link. You are a generous and talented soul!

  4. Uh Oh. I guess I'll be spending MORE time on the computer looking at these links!
    I also have two little nephews about the same age whom I adore!!


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