Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Experimentation: Daisy Painting

Daisy Floaters 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas Panel NFS
Click image to see bigger.
This is practice painting for a specific project. If anything actually comes of it, I'm sure I'll blab about here, later. Suffice it to say, it's experimental and there will probably more like it.


  1. Great colors and I LOVE the petals. your color combinations continue to amaze me, I wish I could combine colors like you do. You make it look so easy. Yes, that little daisy in the bottom right hand corner is interesting . . . :)

  2. Hi Diane. I tried to subscribe to your blog, but after I go through the subscription verification process, I receive a feedburner message that your feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.

    At any rate, very nice work!

  3. Very nice Diane! I like the added interest of the rectangles


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