Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crayola Tulips for Linda

Crayola Tulips 20" x 16" Oil on Stretched Canvas SOLD
Click image to see bigger.
I posted the 10x8 study for this painting several days ago. This is the completed and approved final, 20x16 painting. I'm very happy with it. I can't say enough nice things about the buyer. After purchasing a few of my small daily paintings, she asked me to paint some "crayola" pink flowers for her dining room. She didn't want a fussy flower. ...and besides the dimensions, I was free to do as I pleased. Um, can you say dream gig? That's my idea of a dream gig. I think she herself is an artist at heart-- and well, you know artists-at-heart make the world go 'round....
Painting flowers at this size for sure confirmed my desire to do more. I was also pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to paint on stretched canvas. I'm so used to my small hard canvas panels, I forgot how delightful it is to have a little "give" in the painting surface. ...a most pleasant experience. Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Love this! The colors are luscious and the brushwork is to die for.

  2. I love the balance between simplicity and elegance in this one.


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