Sunday, February 22, 2009

Art Business News Magazine: Pictures Gallery

The February issue of Art Business News magazine published a picture of R!chard Cihlar and me on the Pictures Gallery page! R!chard is an awesome collage artist & owner of The Pop Shop Gallery in Lakewood, OH. -- We are sitting in front of a few of my Pinocchio & SpongeBob paintings. I'm totally excited about the unexpected publicity, R!chard sent them the photo shortly after the show...
In related news, I was accepted into the Gawker Artists program. Gawker is a "Media Network" that serves as a sort of umbrella to several news and celebrity gossip sites. Sometimes, instead of posting advertising, they feature art "banners," with links to the artist profile and from there, links to the artist websites. I linked to this blog, because I figure it's more interesting than my general art website, which I don't update nearly enough.


  1. Well, congratulations!!

    Isn't it wonderful when something unexpected and nice happens..... (even when you been working toward something like it for a while.)

    So will you show us when your banner is on Gawker???

  2. Hi Marian, yes it sure is!!! Actually, they rotate the banners of many members on all the different hosting sites and they change from click to click, so it would be impossible to pinpoint a sighting!

  3. Hi Diane, Publicity! Wow, I am impressed. I am betting that made your day!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  4. Wonderful news, Diane! Congratulations!


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