Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Flowers

Three Flowers 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel $95.
Click image to see bigger.


  1. Hi Diane,
    I also like your last two paintings, nice brush strokes for the flower petals. Could you share the kind/name of your preferred brush/brushes for these small paintings?

  2. Thanks very much, William. I use water soluble oils, so my brushes of choice are Artisan by Winsor Newton. I've tried the "galeria" brushes by WN, but found them to be a little too soft. I use flats and filberts. I always try to use the largest brush possible, the biggest flat I will use on a 6x6 painting is 9 or 10.

  3. I completely agree about the importance of brushes! I like flats, and I like to keep the edge - once it's gone - bye-bye! This is an awesome color combination, and the hightlights on the petals keep you involved with the painting! Nice work!

  4. Okay... you must tell me the brand of brushes you bought from Blick. Okay, you don't have to but I'd love to try and understand and study your wonderful technique.

  5. Your gerberas are outstanding! I have tried to paint these many times but never came close to such beautiful simplicity. I'm curious, did you start with a canvas toned dark blue?

  6. Thanks very much ALL for the wonderful comments! R: The color of the "toned" canvas was a pink/carmine red light, I think?!


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