Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful Decay

I'm very excited about my new (BIG) paintings, but they are still in progress!

Don't cha know all good things must come to an end... Check out the photo above: My tulip models have seen better days, but aren't they still so pretty?! In other news: we bought a snow blower last weekend-- and today will be a good day to try it out... Cleveland is experiencing (another) white out.


  1. I like to see your actual source(s) of inspiration for that wonderful series of tulip paintings. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your BIG piece. It'll be like waiting for Christmas!

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  3. Shelia, thanks. The bigger paintings have put me on a bit of a learning curve... But I persevere! Not sure when/if I will be able to post those.

  4. Have you ever done a painting of dead-ish flowers? I did a some a few years ago and they are a very nice change of pace;)


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