Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snapshot Pinocchio

Snapshot Pinocchio 10" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel N/A
Click image to see bigger.
There's much glare on the photo of this painting! I really like how the various reflections and light spots came out in this. May attempt to photograph it again later after the paint dries. **No more glare, photo updated on 12/27/08


  1. Diane your work is wonderful! I found you through my friend, Sandy Mastroni and she is 100% correct - your work is great! I love the rich simplicity of your style, and your sense of composition is gorgeous, truly!!

    I'm new at blogging, so my site is not nearly as professional as yours, but please feel free to come by and visit sometime!

  2. Excellent job! Great colors, composition and form.

  3. Pinocchio looks fabulous!!!



  4. He is a wonderful character Diane and this is a fabulous painting. And I can't see the glare! I can see the great highlights you have painted on Pinocchio's head and face - and of course his nose!

  5. This is a wonderful pinnochio! I like the way he is looking down and off to the side, that stance somehow gives him a lot of personality. Just like in the story of Pinnochio, you have given an inanimate object life!

  6. My favorite movie. I love your work.

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