Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pete the Pup Splits

Pete the Pup Splits 5" x 7" Oil on Canvas Panel $95. SOLD
Click image to see bigger. If interested, please email:


  1. I love all these toy paintings, they're wonderful!
    I love your sense of colors and compositions.

  2. I think one of your many strengths is representing spatial orientation. In addition to light and shadow,overlap and foreshortening, you work some extra sort of magic. It's always present in your florals, and Pete is demonstrating it too. He looks great

  3. Thanks Pablo, I appreciate the visit!! Your's and Chris Beck's paintings are FAB!! Dar: Thanks VERY much, your thoughtful commentary GREATLY appreciated. Sometimes I worry that I should stick with just one: The toys or the flowers, but both seem to stretch me in good ways. If that makes sense. Maybe some day, will phase one out... Thanks again.

  4. Perfect for the holidays...
    This is my favorite!!


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