Friday, December 26, 2008

Petal: The Found Dog

Petal 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel NFS
This is my friends Suzi and Larry's dog. Suzi found her wandering lost in Culver City, California. My friends are what one might call Type-A personalities. Suzi is a digital special effects wizard who will remember your birthday and HAND MAKE a card to mark the occasion. They vacation in Bali and throw seemingly effortless parties in their back yard. Larry produces short films and makes awesome guacamole. (I miss them!) Anyway, they posted numerous "lost dog" bulletins--and no one claimed the pup. You might think they wouldn't have the time or inclination to adopt.... but don't cha know, they did just that! They named her Petal and she's part of the family now.


  1. Could the dog be as adorable as your painted her?

  2. I love your depiction of Petal, the lost dog. Very loose and fresh like it's right off the canvas

  3. oh ... you captured 'that look'
    I like this painting of Petal so much !!

  4. Yes, she really IS that cute and somehow, Diane captures just the essence of her. I can't believe she did such a wonderful picture of a wonderful dog. :)
    Everyone who looks at this painting (and I've shown it non-stop to all my family and everyone who will look) just breaks out in a smile. Thank you, Diane!
    p.s. My brother-in-law wants to know if you can paint their dogs, too?

  5. What a wonderful portrait of Petal! Very cute and with beautiful brushwork!

  6. Thanks very much to all for commenting. SUZ, yes I would love to paint bro-in-law's dogs! I emailed you! SO happy you are happy.

  7. Cute story, way cute puppy!

    You have such an interesting painting style, most of your paintings look so 3D!

  8. Oh Diane!
    Petal's personality has been wonderfully captured.
    I'll bet she is a love.
    You must be too!
    Well Done!


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