Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pair of Red Amaryllis Paintings

Pair Amaryllis Paintings each 16" x 8"
Oil on Canvas Panel both for $515.
Here's my latest: as promised, a pair of paintings each featuring an Amaryllis. Photographing larger paintings is definitely harder than the smalls. I'll attach a detailed image too. This is one of those plants that begs to be painted again and again. I love the contrast of the geometric greens against the organic shaped reds. The set of blooms that unfolded AFTER this one was more symmetrical with each one pointing out in an orderly and level fashion. Would like to paint those too, but I'm afriad they are already wilted.


  1. Beautiful, Diane. The detail would make a wonderful painting all by itself too.

  2. Hello Chris: Yes I agree! I may do some smaller, more closely cropped versions of it too. Thanks for stopping by! Edward: Thanks very much!


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