Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pinocchio with the Bluest Eyes

Pinocchio with the Bluest Eyes 8"x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel NFS
If interested, please email: diane@dianehoeptner.com
It is freaking FREEZING here with snow flurries. As many winters as I've spent in NE Ohio, it never ceases to amaze me just HOW FAST and HOW COLD it does get. This Pinocchio on SpongeBob beach chair will at the Pop Shop Gallery in Lakewood, OH in December!


  1. Diane: It’s been quite a while since I checked out your blog. I must say I am impressed with all the work you are doing. Not just the quantity but the quality too. As I look at each painting I particularly like the way you have framed your subjects, leading into and leaving the canvas… the angles you have chosen. Even though these are all still lifes I get a sense of a lot of movement … nothing is simply static … a lot of energy coming off the canvas which must reflect the energy of the artist! Although I have never much cared for the Pinocchio figure, you have given him a life of his own and I am fascinated by your portrayals… I especially love the nine grouped together, maybe you should think about doing a project like that on another subject (or the same one) and selling them as a unit. But my favorite paintings are the flowers in the jars. I like the juxtaposition of the soft petals with the hard glass, and the light reflected on the glass. Paint paint paint!

  2. SO wonderful and colorful. All that color is like candy, yummy!
    Great composition as usual too.

  3. I love your Pinocchios! they are so fun and colorful - nice job!

  4. Meowart: A million thanks for the thoughtful commentary. More flowers are on the way. Miss you! JOAN: Thanks!! This one IS a little more "saturated!" LOVE your kid's portrait!!! Edward: THANKS!!

  5. Loved these pieces. I have a couple of pieces in the show as well. (Jimi Hendrix, Big Pimpin, Madball) Would love to see some renditions of other popular 70's and 80's toys as well as old school video game characters. Beautiful work.

  6. Great series of paintings, I'm sure they'll make a nice gift for someone :)


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