Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gerber Daisies

Gerber Daisies 6"x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel $95.
If interested, please email:
Layla the cat had to be given a FLEA/TICK bath. She's only had one other bath in 6 years and well, she didn't appreciate that one either. She scrambled, clawed and hissed the whole time. Two shampoos and two rinses. ...and one pair of ripped rubber gloves. I would have rinsed Coco too, but he saw her being carried out of the bathroom and disappeared QUICK. It was VERY traumatic and not just for her!
Regarding today's painting: Yes I'll say it, I LOVE it. Wanna paint it again bigger when I get the chance.


  1. I love this too. The colors and the position of the gerber daisies, so nice.

  2. Wooh, its "brill" as we say in the north of England. I like all your florals, love the density of the paint that you get and would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you mix it! The story of Coco shifting like lightening out of the bathroom really made me laugh. Animals are so intelligent aren't they.

  3. It is fantastic. Color harmony and great color vibration!
    Only did one flea cat bath in my life to one full grown and a kitten. I still remember how my the adult cat jumped out of the sink and ran for the hallway, slipping and sliding into the walls. Oh man!


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