Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sunflowers in Pottery Jug

Sunflowers in Pottery Jug 6"x6" Oil on Canvas Panel $95
If interested, please email:


  1. Diane, I am so drawn to all of your flower paintings. The compositions are so unusual and the finished product is so sensitive/ I find myself wishing we could paint together.

  2. OH! How wonderful! Thank you, Carol. You made my day!!

  3. Diane, this is fabulous. You have managed to capture the playful spirit of the sunflowers yet you kept the painting loose. And I love the point of view, you really think outside the box with your perspective on your subjects, so wonderful to see.

  4. Your sunflowers are the best Diane!

    Sensitive is a good descriptive word for the feel you achieve....sensitive and sweet!

  5. Joan and Robin: I'm actually thrilled to pieces with this painting... And as you can see by now, it lead to "trying again" a few more times. Thanks very much for your comments.


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