Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pinocchio Looks to the Side

Pinocchio Looks to the Side 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD
If interested, please email:


  1. You have a great sense of design in your compositions. I look forward to stopping in now and then to see your work.

  2. Diane, this painting has a lot of life! You used such beautiful colors. I also like the way you left some of the outline around the neck and below that.

  3. Where do you get these wonderful toys?

  4. Thanks Michelle! Joan, the "outline" you referred to is actually some kind of tar/glue that was used to repair him at some point-- I know it looks like an outline, but it's actually there! ..........Michael, I sold antique lamps and door hardware on Ebay for a few years... As part of that, I attended many estate sales and (live) auctions... That's where I picked up most of the real oldies. I originally thought to sell those too, but since I used them as subjects I've become attached to them and will keep 'em. (:


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