Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cool Coco

Cool Coco 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel $220.
If interested, please email:
Here's little Coco kitty again. I'm reading The Yin/Yang of Painting by Hongnian Zhang & Lois Woolley. Zhang is a brilliant painter and he and his wife Lois elegantly instruct on the use of opposites (values, colors, compositional elements) in painting. I meant to have this painting reflect the "yin yang" of purple and yellow. But it came out a little more "sea foam & poppy." (:


  1. I just found your blog in the begining of this month. I love your painting style! Love all your Pinoccio's, and your sunflower paintings. I'm currently working on a sunflower painting and I never thought of taking them out of water lying them down. This painting of the cat is awesome as well. Love the brushstrokes and your selection in color. I'll have to find and read that book as well. If you visit my blog you'll see I just adopted a baby boy...maybe you can help with the name selection! :)

  2. Hi Diane!, I read that book! It has some very useful information!

    Your kitty painting is stunning! great drafting and your usual excellent brushwork and color.

  3. Diane, I really like this piece. The subtle smoky color palette works extremely well. My first cat was a russian blue and you've captured his coat beautifully. Do you prime all of your canvases with a sienna ground? It is a nice effect bleeding through the over paint.

  4. Thanks Cheryl! Robin, that book IS good and the paintings are astounding. But sometimes I worry about getting off my own "track" with too much study of other's techniques.... This said after a bad day painting, had to wipe one off, hate that. MARK: Coco has been mistaken for a Russian Blue a couple times and I'm told he has the temperment of a RB... I paint the white canvas with left over colors. (Wide range of different faster drying colors) Ideally I plan the paintings so some of the (dried) underpainting peaks through. That adds a nice dimension. This cat painting had a pinkish underpainting. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm a BIG fan of your animal paintings!


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