Friday, August 22, 2008

Orange Lillies I

Orange Lillies I 8" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel $175
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Call me a flower paintin' fool, companion piece to follow tomorrow. A little glare on the photo... These flowers are poisonous to cats, so I've been careful to keep fallen petals and leaves off the floor.

Our cat Layla is ravenous for greens and has been getting downright sneaky in her tactics to get outside. When she finally does get outside all she does is eat grass (??) which she later throws up inside the house. ...and that's much more than you needed to know, so that'll be all for today. (:


  1. Diane, this is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see the companion piece.

  2. Oooo! Love it! I like how you show depth in this piece -- how the petal on the right, midway down comes out at me.

    BTW, cats need to eat their greens. (They even make cat food with "healthy greens" in them now. Perhaps they need the chorophyl?) Our indoor cat sits by the door and stares at me when she would like some grass. And so I go get her some ... she likes it once or twice a week. If you bring in just a little grass for her every so often, maybe she won't gorge on it when she gets outside.

  3. I love the lilies.... and your other flower paintings. Looking forward to seeing more of this series.

    Indoor cats need their own grass. I grow wheat grass and barley grass in pots for myself from seed. I put the cut grass in a blender to make my green vitamin drink every morning. When I've cut what I need I put the pots on the floor for the cats to munch on. They know the sound of a new pot being placed on the tile floor and they both come running! It's natural for a cat to throw up the grass, it's part of their digestive cycle and that's what they do when they live outdoors.

  4. Joan, THANKS!! Pat & R!! thanks much. I'm really happy with these new paintings and will continue on this track a little while longer... Yes, I think a good solution is to grow some grass inside. I'm gonna look into the wheat and barley grass. Ah, ya gotta love a blog that exhibits art AND solves the mysteries of cat vomit. (:

  5. Really, really nice! Love everything about this piece,


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