Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tonya and the Tomato, Tomato Art Festival Nashville, TN

Tonya and the Tomato  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  NFS
It's almost time for the 15th Annual Tomato Art Festival in East Nashville, TN! The festival is a wacky celebration of all things tomatoes and art and it happens August 10th and 11th...  
Because tomatoes...  (Photo from 2017 Tomato Art Festival)
Art and Invention Gallery will present a veritable plethora of tomato themed art including my painting "Tonya and the Tomato." Local to Nashville?  Get tickets for the Art Preview Party and find out more about the festival here
In other news closer to home: a before and after shot of some of my refreshed kitchen cabinets.

I debated forever about whether to replace (chalk paint/resurface?!) the cabinets but the new hardware did the trick...  I'm crazy about this upgrade... The (last) custom made counter has arrived... More pictures once we get a little farther down the road!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mercy, painting of a white cat

Mercy  Oil on panel, 8"x 8," SOLD
White cat fur (not unlike white in general) so beautifully picks up reflections and bits of surrounding colors. Using a limited palette is helpful and lessens the risk of muddiness. This cat lives at the home/shelter in LA. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brutus, a new cat painting

Brutus  Oil on panel, 8"x8,"  $330.
A handsome kitty from the shelter in LA... He needed something a little more fancy from which to survey his kingdom. Though, I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew with the ornate table. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Cloud Walker and a collector photo

Cloud Walker  Oil on panel, 8"x8," SOLD
A happy collector in PA sent this photo of painting "Terrance the Tabby" with her cat, Brother Love. Sweet!  :) 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ned Naps

Ned Naps  Oil on panel, 8"x8," SOLD
A work in progress pic included with this painting... So much of this one depended on Ned's silhouette standing out.  I painted very thin lines to establish that early on which helped a lot, though they got mostly painted away by the end. 

Few things comfort like the site of a peacefully sleeping cat! I really wanna paint more sleeping cats...  Also included the photo of another kitty from the Pet Pride shelter, who WAS sleeping until I put a camera in her face. :)

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Elder II

The Elder II  Oil on panel, 8"x8,"  SOLD
Same kitty as yesterday...  I'm hoping to get back into the scheduling "flow" I had taken up way back before we moved...  which was painting 4-6 paintings, then batch photographing them and batch blogging them. This week is a start at that, one more to go after "The Elder II." 
For anyone interested in my kitchen overhaul: Cabinet pulls have been ordered...see left. I think they fall into what could best be described as "transitional" -- neither traditional or contemporary.  Overstock had so many to pick from-modestly priced too.  (Thanks, LM for suggesting Overstock on a previous post.) I will post more pictures when I get farther down the road with it!  We are waiting on a custom built (focal point!) counter.  Once that's in--on to wall treatments, woohoo!  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Elder and my visit to a cat shelter in LA

The Elder  Oil on panel, 8"x8,"  SOLD
This week and perhaps the next few, I will be sharing paintings inspired by a visit to an LA area cat shelter...  I chose Pet Pride for
it's cage free cats and two outdoor enclosed spaces, offering natural light. Formed in 1965, the shelter claims to be the "largest, oldest and most well-know charitable organization in the US that deals solely with cats..." The cats live in a residential home that has been converted into a shelter.  The shelter is no-kill and offers lifetime care for surrendered cats. Adoptions too, if you are local to LA.  Here's a link.  

Free range cats everywhere, I had a delightful time photographing them. This is the second such shelter I've visited... The home was oddly situated, nearly under the 10 freeway, a super busy spot.  Despite that, I found it to be remarkably clean and peaceful. "The Elder" the first of two paintings of the same cat, the second will post next!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cat Art Show LA 3: The Sequel Returns Pictures!

I attended the opening reception for Cat Art Show 3 in Los Angeles last week.  Much fun was had... 
The show is at Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA and runs through June 24th. 
Hamming it up with my painting "Butterfly Passerby"

$1 of every ticket purchase as well as 5% of all art sales will benefit cat charities.  
I am honored to have work included again this year (third time!) Also thrilled to report all four of my paintings sold in the first two days.

Kyoto Kitty
by Lucia Heffernan

What a pleasure to meet so many artists. Here I am accosting Lucia Heffernan as soon as she walked in.  :)  I've been a fan of her art for a while now.  Lucia is as delightful as her imaginative paintings. See more of her animal paintings, here.  

Many attendees wore fun cat themed clothes and accessories. Artist Rachel Schlueter took some fantastic people pics, you can see those (as well as her wonderful cat paintings) on her Instagram feed: here.
Gorgeous! "Otis"
by Rachel Schlueter

Cat Art Show creator/curator Susan Michals hosts CatCon as well. Between the two events, $143,000 has been raised for animal charities.

(Above) Admiring "Apollo and Garfield" by artist, photographer Tiffany Sage.  Also pictured, fellow exhibitor painter Matthew Bober.  I love that Tiffany wore the same robe (as in the painting) to the exhibit. Her Instagram feed is here.
Paintings by Martin Wittfooth, Marion Peck and Rose Freymuth-Frazier

Maybe my favorite painting at Cat Art Show (if I HAD to pick!) "White Kitten Study #1" by Korin Faught. See more of Korin's work on her website: here.  

Rachel Schlueter, Joann Biondi and myself
(with Lorenzo the Cat in photo by Joann titled "Backstage")

There's still time to see the exhibit.  A closing night party will happen Saturday June 23rd. Cat Art Show will partner with Kitten Rescue LA for a "Kitty Cuddle Party!" There will be kittens! Cuddle with a kitten and have your picture taken in a photo booth.  So fun. Here's the Cat Art Show 3 link for show info.
I'm glad to be back home and eager to paint more!
My four paintings: I am very grateful for the sales! :)
Hope to post new paintings soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Scarlet and Cat Art Show 3: The Sequel Returns Again

Scarlet   Oil on panel, 8"x6,"  SOLD
I glanced over Scarlet's reference photos a dozen times before I painted her.  I'm glad I finally did, maybe do a few more at some point. 
Artist, blogger extraordinaire Kim Smith interviewed me for her #artcrushxo column. Have a look at that here

Next week is Cat Art Show 3: The Sequel Returns Again...  Very psyched to be attending this year (my third time participating.)  I so look forward to meeting fellow artists and online buddys! Pictures and details to follow in a couple weeks!  

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Flint  Oil on canvas, 6"x6," SOLD
"Flint" painting nearly got flung, it really didn't come together 'til the last hour.  My mantra (some days, definitely today) "done is better than perfect."