Sunday, January 22, 2017

Furrowed Brow and a Collector Photo of Painting in Home

Furrowed Brow  Oil on panel, 8" x 8," SOLD
A collector sent me a picture of my painting, "Camus" in her beautiful study.  

I love it. It's really gratifying to see this, makes me glad I do what I do. (Thanks, M!)
If you have one of my paintings hanging in your home, I'd love to see a picture!  
Today's painting took two days to get right... Kitty's furrowed brow cracks me up. It's better life.


  1. Ha, Furrowed Brow cracks me up too!! I love your kitty painting in the wall looks so good with her other pieces.

  2. You are so versatile! I love both paintings. The close-up direct painting of Camus is over the top endearing! The fur is off the charts palpable. It WAS very sweet of Camus' lucky owner to send you the photo of her grouping. She had great tastes! Diane, you absolute me amaze me with your incredible talents and with your loving heart!


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