Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I love my job and this Friday is 3rd Friday at 78th ST Studios

Bluebird II,  Oil on panel, 14" x 11," SOLD
Bluebird I, Oil on panel, 10" x 10," SOLD
Sometime during my art journey, I figured out I was a nicer person when I wasn't painting custom commissions and pet portraits. So I swore them off. (Insert dramatic gesture here.) Apparently though, the universe didn't get my memo.  This one couldn't be refused...
I had spent the morning gessoing 11 x 14 panels. Later same day, I photographed some gorgeous freesias in glass vessels. That night: A collector emailed me the most exquisite photo of a bluebird. His wife had taken it at a local nature park. He asked if I could paint the bluebird within a floral still life... But wait it gets better: He wanted it to be 11 x 14 and he requested freesias in a glass vase. I'm not lyin'. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I told him about the freesias I had photographed and gladly agreed to do the painting. (He may read this now, but at the time I omitted the part about gessoing 11x14s. It was too much, lol.) I sent him some digital images of arrangements and much to my delight, he ordered two. He gave me permission to post them, later they will be gifted to his wife. I love my job.  
A quick reminder for those of you local to Cleveland, OH: This Friday is 3rd Friday!  Open studios time at 78th Studios. Come say hi to me at Gallery +!   Our guest artist is Vincenza Harrity.  She will be presenting "Natural Beauty" a wonderful collection of landscape paintings.   


  1. These are terrific Diane. I love bluebirds-they are so sweet. I love your story--so cool how it all worked out! Keep on painting!

  2. So perfect, your style and brushstroke is very singular....Love them!

  3. Wow, that is a serendipitous story!! (or as I like to say a coinkydink!!) I love them both!!!

  4. All your paintings are stunning, Diane, but these are particularly exquisite. Every aspect, the flowers, the vase, and the darling birds incorporates your wonderfully-soft and velvety technique to marvelous advantage. The story of how they came to be is fabulous -- sometimes, ain't life just grand!


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