Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Serena painting of peaceful blue eyed white cat

Serena  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
The lavender shadow in front of "Serena" was a dramatic last minute fix..   Previous shadow color was greenish umber and it didn't compliment the overall color harmony or her particular colors.  Funny how a little tweak like that can make such a difference!
Just a reminder, if you are local to Cleveland, OH:  This Friday is 3rd Friday at 78th ST Studios. Please stop in, see my new paintings and say hi!


  1. I love this cat's sweet expression. I've seen that same expression on my own cats and you captured it perfectly. Btw, adding the lavender was brilliant.

  2. I agree with Billie, the facial expression and overall gesture of the body is perfection.

  3. How I wish I was close enough to stop by! I love this precious painting. Color harmony spot on and so delicate looking.

  4. So beautiful Diane. You can feel the softness in Serena!

  5. I knew it was sold before I scrolled down to the red sold sign...masterful at every point


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