Sunday, May 11, 2014

Luna the found cat Happy Mother's Day!

Luna  Oil on wood  10" x 10"  NFS, Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
My mother lost a long time canine companion a few years back.  We went to a shelter to find her a pet, possibly a dog or cat--but she wasn't ready to commit...  She kept saying she wanted an animal to find her.  Then it happened!  "Luna" appeared in her barn, malnourished and skittish.   Ads were placed in the paper to find her human, but no one claimed her.  She's become the PERFECT pet, playful, affectionate and darn good company.  


  1. Happy story - makes me feel good.
    Lovely painting as always.

  2. great story. Funny how our pets find US sometimes.
    Your paintings are incomparable.


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